UX is one of the fields where you have to constantly learn to stay employable. Here’s a review of one place where you can do it

The words UX upskilling and and arrow that points up.

Being a curious person, I’ve always wanted a job that has a big component of research and creativity. The advice I received many years ago was to do a master’s degree that has a significant research component (thesis). Then, aim to find a role in marketing or business analytics.


UX people can enable interdisciplinary work in organizations by facilitating discussions between specialists

Many tech organizations still treat “UX design” more like a synonym for graphic or UI design. It’s not uncommon to see job postings on Indeed.com or LinkedIn that group these two as one “UX/UI Designer” position. There are indeed many UX designers out there who have both interaction and UI…

Hi Hans, very good article!

Design thinking was born in the architecture and urban planning circles that are both very multidisciplinary in nature.

Take a look at how LEED certifications are done in the world of green building. It starts with a conversation between multiple stakeholders and parties with different expertise.

I don't think specialization is a bad thing because the path towards multidisciplinary goes through good facilitation of a conversation between different specialists, as well as organizational maturity. If you have these two things in place, you can pretty much start tapping into multidisciplinary teams that involve many specialists working towards the same goal, each contributing specific knowledge. I think many organizations just lack the methods and frameworks of facilitating interdisciplinary work.

Those organizations that have the frameworks eventually make some of the specialists not only work with other disciplines but also learn more depth what their counterparts do.

A few things to keep in mind when hiring and managing people in the field of UX research and analytics

Many organizations are jumping the UX research bandwagon and happily hire people from the field to join their teams and rightfully so (most people will pay more for a product or service that gives them a better experience). The discipline has been maturing in the past few years and typical…

Yaron Cohen

Senior UX researcher at RBC, OMCP certified. Likes making music, staying active, culture, and writing. www.yaroncohen.com

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